I was told that it is possible and safe to add essential oil drops to a glass of water to drink. Is it true?

Is safe to add essential oil to water?

By Marco Valussi

Essential oils, as we have seen before, are that distillation product that is not soluble in water (the aromatic soluble molecules in the water are in aromatic water).

It is therefore quite obvious that anyone who puts a few (or many) drops of essential oil into a glass of water will find himself with a glass of water with small drops of essential oil floating on the surface of it, not dissolved or dispersed in the fluid. So drinking your glass, your oral mucous membranes, your lips, your esophagus, even your stomach, will come into contact with pure oil. Now this is not necessarily a dramatic or worrying event (even if doing so with a phenolic oil such as thyme can cause severe pain and burning in the mucous membranes), but it certainly is not an intelligent dilution method.

Certainly there are methods to temporarily minimize this problem, such as putting the essential oil in a sprayer bottle filled with water, and shake hard before using it. But I don't understand why to go to so much effort to improve on a bad system when other more secure and effective methods are available.

Finally, if you want to drink a glass of fresh water flavored with lemon or mint, make a lemonade or put a slice of lemon or a few mint leaves in your water. If instead the intention is to use oils for therapeutic purposes, consult a professional and use the recommended dilution methods.


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